Climbing net

Have great fun, a joyful, active and thrilling time together with likeminded kids or other playful minds! – equipment to support this are normally with the basis in, and supplied by Randers Reb. We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of combination ropes for playground equipment and ropes for climbing nets.

Our customers are playground manufactures – from local net makers to multinational, world leading manufactures of many different playground concepts.

Randers Reb is a specialist doing high quality and well proven ropes being used in these concepts. Moreover, amusement- and theme parks, studios etc. represents a growing demand for both combination ropes as well as other rope solutions matching specific themes or simply because use of ropes support creative thinking and structures.

Randers Reb is offering a wide range of rope products, manufactured from a variety of materials and according to the highest possible standards – to support our customer requirements. Customized products meeting the single customer’s exact requirements, goes along with our general focus on standard products. Our R&D work is carried out in a close cooperation with customers worldwide.

Playground combination ropes for climbing nets and other climbing constructions, combination ropes for fencing, the original Navy Flex 3-stranded or square braided version for netting, rigging etc. As well as many other rope works in PP, nylon, polyester etc. supporting more general requirements.

High quality climbing net made from combination rope

Our climbing net is made from combination rope, which is a steel reinforced fiber rope. We deliver climbing net for playground manufacturers all over the world. We offer a wide range of rope suitable for the production of climbing net and our rope is always produced to the highest possible standards and to meet our customers’ needs and requirements.

More than 160 years of experience

Randers Reb was founded in 1840 and thus we have more than 160 years of experience in manufacturing high quality rope for all purposes. This is your guarantee that the rope used for our climbing net is of the best possible quality and fulfills all safety requirements of playgrounds.