Randers Reb – ensures the play worldwide with

playground ropes and rope nets

The structures for playgrounds and amusement parks are supported by combination ropes and fiber ropes to the global market of manufacturers, net-makers and distributors. The playground ropes are used for climbers and many other applications.

Development and consulting service about rope nets/playground ropes are provided to all playground manufactures.

The colorful combination ropes are offered in different constructions, dimensions, qualities – and of course in many different colors. All according to the EN-norms and your requirements!

The rope nets/playground ropes are sold on the business-to-business market.

High Quality playground ropes and rope nets

We are one of the world’s leading producers of playground ropes and famous for our skills in manufacturing high quality playground ropes for kids.

We use combination rope, which is steel reinforced fiber rope, for our playground ropes. We supply playground ropes for playground manufacturers all across the world. We have a broad range of ropes which is suitable for playground ropes/rope nets. All playground ropes are produced to the highest standards, and we take pride in meeting our customer’s needs and requirements.

More than 170 years of experience with rope

We have been manufacturing ropes for more than a 170 years – this is the basis of our high quality playground ropes. Our experience is your guarantee, that our playground ropes and rope nets are of the highest quality, and that they meet all safety requirements for playgrounds.

If you have any quistions about rope nets/playground ropes, please contact Randers Reb.