NavyFlex – Strength in a natural look

NavyFlex® has the characteristic qualities of synthetic fibre in terms of durability and applications, but it resembles traditional made by natural fibre.

NavyFlex® is for example used for tall ships, forest playgrounds, hotels, water parks etc. all around the world.

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Qualities of NavyFlex

NavyFlex have 3-laid yarns, which gives better wearing qualities than those of ordinary 3-strand ropes. NavyFlex has a high breaking strength and is resistant to acid, alkali and sunlight. It has a smooth surface and is an easy-to-handle rope with excellent splicing qualities.

Application of NavyFlex

NavyFlex can among other things be applied for running rigging, mooring, lashing, unloading gear, safety lines and intermedian lines. NavyFlex is available in a wide range of diameters.