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- Purse Seine-, Drum Seine-, Anchor/Danish Seine Fishing

For more than 170 years Randers Reb has been a leading supplier of ropes for seine fishing/seine ropes all over the world. Our high quality seine ropes have continuously been developed and improved according to new fishing methods, fishing technologies as well as rope materials.

Unbeatable features of Randers Reb

Quality Ropes for Seine Net Fishing 

Randers Reb offers ropes for any section of seine fishing, whether it may be purse seine, drum seine or anchor seine fishing. Among the many features of our high quality seine ropes we would like to highlight the following features about our comprehensive knowledge within:                                                          

  • Best and most durable constructions and materials for seine net wire
  • 3-stranded leaded fiber ropes and 4-straded fiber ropes with steel for improved performance
  • Splicing into rope slings widens the number of seine net solutions
  • Outer seine rope diameter from 10mm to 100mm
  • All rope products in whatever length needed: 110me, 220me or more. Optional, reeled if needed
  • All rope products in local measurements: fathoms, meters or feet
  • High availability from our own large stock ensuring short delivery time. If marking/splicing is required a few days extra might be needed before dispatch

Various Rope Types for Purse Seine / Drum Seine / Anchor Seine Fishing

Randers Reb manufacture high quality ropes for the various places in the seine net. Please check out the following links for more information and specifications...

Further information and specifications:



Seine Wire Rope

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